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  1. Every visitor is expected to show his/her identity card every time to the Library. At the time of entering inside the library kept at the entrance.
  2. Usage of Cell Phone inside the Library is strictly prohibited.
  3. Personal books, Xeroxed, printed loose papers and issued book are not allowed inside the library books section under any circumstances.
  4. Reference books will not be issued.
  5. Other books are issued for study purpose for fifteen days for students and faculty and other eligible staff members.
  6. Transaction hours: Books and journals issue transaction (issue/return) on cards will be done between 9: AM and 1:00 PM on all working days of the library. No transaction will be made on Sundays and other declared holidays.
  7. Book late return will be five rupees fine per day.
  8. Loss of books: Every borrower from the library is responsible for the safe custody and return of the book borrowed by him/her. In the event of damage or loss he/she shall replace the book or pay the cost of the book.
  9. Books lost should be reported to the Librarian immediately. Loss of books, if any, if reported, the person has to pay the fine plus the cost of the books at the time of getting clearance from the Library.
  10. The Librarian has the right to call back any book / journals issued to anyone at any time and the same has to be returned without fail. The librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of any book / journal to anyone infringing the rules.
  11. Strict discipline should be maintained inside the library. The position of the chairs and tables should not be changed.
  12. The users visiting the Book Volume Section at the Basement should make sure that they DO NOT REPLACE any Book Volume Journal to a shelf. This is important to avoid any replacement to a wrong title. Assistance by the Staff on duty will be rendered to trace the required Book Volumes that could not be located by the users themselves.